You wish to enhance the appeal, quality and safety of your environment?

We have 15 years of professional experience in the manufacture of casting forms and moulds, and in the production of paving stones, decorative cladding, footing stones, wall plates, fence cover plates, garden stepping stones.

The building Z-Block product allows you to build flower holders, fences, walls, decorative fountains, etc.

Our so-called ball shaped stone enables the creation and separation of parking areas and bicycle paths.

Our “WOOD” coverings are indistinguishable from original wood. They create a unique environment, terrace, wine cellar and many other interior decorative surfaces.


Our casting forms and moulds are manufactured with vulcanisation technology, from materials that are unique in the world.

Owing to their special material composition, they have dimensional stability, i.e. they do not shrink, they are UV, frost, acid and shock proof, flexible, but have necessary consistency at the same time, therefore it is very easy to work with them. They only require simple framing for the manufacturing process; a separate shelving system is unnecessary, therefore substantial expenditures can be saved.

Reduced scraps, higher profit and fewer problems!

We provide a
10 year warranty for all casting forms and moulds, but we can assure you that their lifetime is much longer.

Our casting forms allow you to facilitate, improve the efficiency and profitability of the manufacturing of decorative cladding! There are fewer scraps and manufacturing is more economical owing to longer lifetimes, flexibility and easy cleaning.

If you decide to launch the manufacturing of pavings and decorative stones, we can assist you in avoiding the initial obstacles and provide the complete manufacturing technology and our 15 years of experience.


You can design your dream home or factory and we will manufacture and supply you with our globally unique moulds or the end products implementing the “Mouldstencils Technology”.
 You can utilize our professional team who has 15 years of experience and committed teaching your employees on site worldwide, setting up your factory from infancy to fully operational state and manufacturing the end products.

We have successfully introduced the “Mouldstencils Technology” in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Thailand and Brazil where we worked closely together with entrepreneurs and government sections alike.
Our team would love to hear from you if you are an entrepreneur or a government section wanting to to build your factory implementing the “Mouldstencils Technology”.




The last factory of Mouldstencils technology has been realized in Brazil.

Mouldex establishes a factory and a technological, commercial and development centre with its partner in Brazil. The centre will be responsible for the spreading and teaching of the technology on the Brazil market...

New moulds in the product range

Monitoring the market needs and trends, we continuously develop and renew our product range. Our latest products are the stone coverings imitating wood and their moulds, by which one can create a wonderful environment and a real provincial style in our garden, terrace or wine cellar.